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Partners in Crime

Paul MIlkins his brother William, Frances Hares and William Cox were arrested for stealing and were tried at the Lent Assizes held at Taunton on 3rd April 1824. the case against William Milkins and Frances Hares were discharged.
Paul Milkins & William Cox were sentenced to death on the 3rd May 1824 but later reprieved and transported to Van Dieman's Land for life. They were removed to the Justitia a Hulk at Woolwich on the 19th May, where they awaited to be transported on the 9th July aboard the Princess Charlotte, arriving in Hobart Town on the 9th November, 1824. The journey took 123 days.

Paul Milkins

William Cox

Monday, February 14, 2011

Convicts On The Tory 1

Female Convict List
Aboard Ship  Tory 1
 04 Jul 1845 - 23 Mar 1845 London

23      Abbott Mary Ann   
98      Acton Mary   
259    Addington Sarah   
283    Adney Mary Ann   
370    Aitcheson Margaret   
699    Allen Mary   
1987  Axworthy Mary   
2130  Bagnall Mary Ann   
2844  Barclay Ann  McNair Ann
3285  Barrett Mary   
3397  Barry Mary   
4288  Bell Isabella  McStravick Isabella
4318  Bell Margaret  Newman Margaret
4646  Berry Caroline   
4826  Beverly Isabella   
5369  Blake Bridget Mary   
6042  Botterill Ann   
7059  Brewer Mary Ann   
7466  Brockley Ellen   
7633  Brooks Margaret  
7758  Brown Ann   
7775  Brown Catherine   
7856  Brown Elizabeth   
8179  Brown Mary Ann   
8680  Bryant Mary Ann   
8716  Buchanan Isabella  McStravick Isabella
8724  Buchanan Margaret  Newman Margaret
8943  Bullock Caroline   
9170  Burke Mary   
10379  Campbell Ann   
10391  Campbell Catherine   
10779  Carmichael Catherine   
10963  Carroll Ellen   
11176  Carthy Catherine   
12037  Chibbett Sarah   
12885  Clelland Margaret  Newman Margaret
12951  Clibbery Ellen   
13391  Coleman Eliza   
13519  Colligan Elizabeth   
14403  Conway Ellen  
14496  Cook Jean   
14582  Cooke Ellen   
14702  Cooper Charlotte   
15428  Cowley Charlotte   
15708  Craven Charlotte   
15720  Crawford Ann  Campbell Ann
15870  Crichton Euphemia  Dickson Euphemia
16448  Cummins Eliza   
17326  Davies Bridget   
17940  Dawson Margaret  Lindsay Margaret
18444  Derbyshire Harriet   
18587  Dewar Isabella   
18694  Dickinson Mary Ann   
18710  Dickson Euphemia   
18836  Diprose Sarah   
19910  Downes Maria   
20222  Dubois Elizabeth   
20456  Duncan Catherine  Carmichael Catherine
21410  Edwards Mary   
21614  Elland Sarah Ann  
21839  Elsmore Catherine   
22342  Everson Mira   
22597  Farmer Lydia   
22652  Farrell Alice   
23032  Ferguson Helen  Small Helen
23410  Fisher Jean   
23727  Flanagan Ann   
24627  Fox Sarah   
25375  Gallacher Sarah   
26661  Glazebrook Ann   
26998  Gooch Elizabeth  Brown Elizabeth
27205  Gordon Jane  McGregor Jane
27567  Graham Margaret  Hay Margaret
27624  Grant Alexandrina   
29633  Hamlyn Jane   
30442  Harris Eliza   
31249  Haughie Jane   
31414  Hay Margaret   
31419  Hay Sarah   
31709  Healey Mary  
31749  Healy Sarah   
32603  Higgins Ann   
33151  Hitt Ann   
33280  Hodgetts Harriet   
33302  Hodgkiss Mary Ann   
33537  Holehouse Mary   
34092  Horiston Margaret  Wilson Margaret
34178  Horsey Leah   
34238  Hoskins Ann   
34492  Howe Mary   
34839  Hughes Margaret   
35376  Hutchinson Elizabeth  McNeillage Elizabeth
35693  Irons Mary Ann   
35811  Jack Isabella  Beverly Isabella
36242  Jamieson Margaret   
36278  Jarvis Elizabeth   
36422  Jenkins Esther   
37463  Jones Elizabeth   
37979  Jones Mary  Reece Mary Charlotte
37999  Jones Mary Ann  Hodgkiss Mary Ann
38744  Kay Jane   
39934  Kerr Margaret  Paterson Margaret
41024  Lamb Margaret   
41672  Lawson Jean  Wemyss Jean
41678  Lawson Sarah  Player Sarah
41774  Leader Mary Ann   
41902  Leaver Sophia   
42463  Lewis Catherine   
42565  Lewis Maria   
42783  Lindsay Margaret   
43107  Lockerham Ann   
43967  Lyon Eliza  Phillips Eliza
44032  Lyons Sarah   
47416  Makin Mary   
47685  Mansell Sarah   
48011  Marshall Agnes   
48187  Martin Harriet   
44331  McCann Elizabeth   
44685  McCourt Catherine   
44892  McDonald Ann  
44984  McDonald Janet   
45253  McEwan Mary   
45606  McGregor Jane   
45764  McInally Ann   
45969  McKay Mary   
46088  McKenzie Ann   
46114  McKenzie Jemina  Grant Alexandrina
46244  McKinnon Catherine   
46368  McLean Ann  McDonald Ann
46628  McMillan Catherine  McKinnon Catherine
46678  McNair Ann   
46782  McNeil Ann  O'Neil Ann
46803  McNeillage Elizabeth   
46982  McStravick Isabella   
47011  McVey Helen   
47012  McVey Janet   
48975  Medlicoat Elizabeth   
49571  Miller Mary Ann   
50195  Moody Eliza   
51450  Mullwood Caroline  
51929  Murray Elizabeth  McCann Elizabeth
52555  Netherton Jane   
52707  Newman Margaret   
52711  Newman Mary   
53114  Norman Elizabeth   
53882  O'Neil Ann   
53396  Oakes Ann   
53683  Ogilvie Agnes   
55064  Paterson Margaret   
55626  Pembridge Frances   
55687  Penny Margaret   
56028  Phillips Ann   
56052  Phillips Eliza   
81112  Pierce Catherine  Carmichael Catherine
56579  Platt Catherine   
56600  Player Sarah   
56751  Polson Margaret   
57294  Pressdee Margaret   
57463  Price Susannah   
58158  Rafferty Margaret  
58476  Raymond Eliza   
58711  Reece Mary Charlotte   
60245  Robertson Catherine  McCourt Catherine
60444  Robinson Jane   
60506  Robinson Mary   
60821  Rogers Sarah   
61121  Ross Janet   
62443  Sawyer Bessy   
62444  Sawyer Elizabeth  Sawyer Bessy
63092  Shaddick Ellen   
64079  Sim Catherine   
64333  Sims Sophia   
64640  Sloy Eliza   
64654  Small Helen   
64734  Smedley Ann   
64842  Smith Catherine   
65781  Smith Maria   
65840  Smith Mary   
65876  Smith Mary Ann   
67334  Steel Sarah  Gallacher Sarah
67604  Stewart Agnes   
67696  Stewart Margaret  Lamb Margaret
67761  Stibbles Agnes  Ogilvie Agnes
68003  Storkey Mary Ann   
68763  Swan Eliza  Sloy Eliza
68764  Swan Elizabeth  Sloy Eliza
69081  Tamplin Elizabeth   
69943  Thomas Harriet   
70266  Thompson Jane   
70545  Thomson Margaret   
72065  Tyrrel Elizabeth   
72659  Wales Sydney   
72988  Wallace Sarah   
73379  Ward Eliza   
74392  Webster Ann   
74751  Wemyss Jean   
74782  West Emma   
75229  White Elizabeth   
75391  White Mary Ann   
75508  Whitehead Eliza  
75596  Whiteside Mary Ann   
75918  Wild Mary   
76206  Williams Caroline   
77311  Wilson Elizabeth   
77568  Wilson Margaret   
78057  Wolf Sarah   
78209  Wood Mary Ann  

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Transported To Australia


AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List
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The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913
A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.

Convicts to Australia

Descendants of Convicts


Public Records Office of Victoria
"Convicts as referred to in this PROVguide are those people convicted of an offence in Britain, or a British colony, whose sentence was to be transported to New South Wales, Tasmania or Western Australia. Transportation officially ceased in New South Wales and Tasmania in 1853 and in Western Australia in 1868. Strictly speaking, no convicts were transported directly to the Port Phillip District of New South Wales. However convicts did find their way to the District, and this generally happened in one of three ways: a convict from Sydney could be assigned to a work gang in Port Phillip; a ticket of leave holder might enter Port Phillip from either New South Wales or Tasmania to work and was required to register with the authorities; or the convict may have been an Exile."


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Departed Downs in England 9th July 1824 arriving in Van Dieman's Land  9th Nov 1824 

Adams William
Arthur James
Ashwell James
Atkins William
Barton William
Bateman William
Batman William
Bevan Charles
Biddle George
Biggins Samuel
Bligh William Cartney
Bolt Thomas
Bower Thomas
Bozetta Jean Batista
Bridgewater William
Britton Charles
Brown James
Burns John
Burrows Charles
Butler William
Challis John
Clark Thomas
Collins Thomas
Cooper George
Copperwaite Richard
Corbett William
Cox William 15542
Crabtree Thomas
Crispe James
Cunnane William
Davies Thomas
Davies William
Davis Edward
Davis George
Davis John

Davis Joseph
Davis William  Jones John
Dennell Shadrack  Dent Daniel   
Dilly Thomas
Donahu Timothy
Dyke Thomas
Edwards David
Edwards Edward William
Fennell Shadrack
Fickle Henry
Finnegan John
Fowler John
Furlong John
Gill George
Gilroy Charles
Godding Richard
Greenaway Joseph
Hamlet John
Harding Charles
Hart Henry
Hartland William
Hawkins William
Heath James
Herbert Thomas
Hickman Richard
Holloway John
Homer Thomas
Howard John
Howe Edward
Hyland James
Ireland John
Jennings Michael
Johnson John
Johnstone John Henry

Jones George
Jones John
Jones Robert
Jones Thomas
Jukes William
Kinsey Thomas
Knight William
Knight William
Langford Samuel
Lewis James
Long Nicholas
Mason John
Matthews John
McCause James
McCose James  McCause James
McLeod Alexander
McLeod Robert
Meyrick Edward
Milkins Paul 49402
Miller David
Napp Thomas
Newman William
Nicholls Robert
Oxford Samuel
Parke James
Patfield William
Pearce John
Pearson George
Pell Joseph
Percival Robert
Pitman James
Pitt Berbice
Pocket Joseph
Preece Evan
Pritchard Samuel
Pullen Thomas
Rawlings John

Robinson James
Reynolds James
Ricketts Samuel
Robinson Joseph
Rutherford Robert
Samuel William
Saunders William
Shewell Joshua
Simpson John
Small Thomas
Smith James
Smith John
Smith Samuel
SmithWilliam 66247
Smith William 66248
Smith William 66248
Soden Frederick
Southall John
Speckleton John
Spence Cassap
Stayley William
Stockdale Richard
Swap John
Symes John
Symonds William
Their Joseph
Vallely James
Voss Thomas
Vowles John
West Peter        
Weston Peter        
Wilkins Stephen
Williams William
Willis Joseph
Wilson Frederick
Winstanley John
Wright Edward
Young James